Dita Sudova


I am a certified and experienced Coach & HR Professional with more than 10 years of work experience in the area of Human Resources in top managerial positions of multinational corporations (Accenture, Starwood).

Coaching style

​In the executive area I use the SF model (Solution Focused approach) which predominantly focuses on generation of solutions and results. My coaching style is built on one of the today's most progressive coaching frameworks – the so called "FACTS theory" - based on practical and pragmatic approach using feedback, accountability, setting of courageous goals, provoking tension, and system thinking. This coaching model is considered especially appropriate for the 21st century business environment, where needs of the wider organization are more important than the particular needs or wants of any specific executive. This coaching model fhelps if an organization wants to remain “mentally healthy” and modern company.

My coaching style was also formed by my study of positive psychology, the insights of which I mainly use during life coaching sessions.

Education in the area of coaching:

Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, AoEC, London

                   (ICF, EMCC a Middlesex University recognised)
Personal Coaching Certificate, The Coaching Academy, London
Coaching course, Prague, Czech Republic

Other trainings and stays abroad:

Positive Psychology, Harvard University, Boston, USA
Theories of psychotherapy, Harvard University, Boston, USA
Psychodiagnostics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Artetherapy, Prague, Czech Republic
Relaxation technics, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Long term stays in abroad London, Boston – work, study, volunteering, project and publication work for various Czech magazines and professional job web sites on contemporaneous trends of flexible working arrangements.

Why should you choose me for a self-discovery journey?

- I am an experienced coach certified by a prestigious European coaching association, recognized by ICF and EMCC
- I have substantial business experience both on the coaching side, but also on the client side – as a manager, director of HR
- I attended numerous trainings and courses in the area of psychology at the Harvard University and thanks to my foreign stays I feel confident working in an international environment and with different cultures
- I am a strong believer in ongoing self-development and growth
- I strictly abide to a Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics:

I strictly abide and revere the professional Codices of Ethics derived from practices of the AoEC and ICF associations.

Area of coaching:

Executive Coaching, Life Coaching based on the positive psychology, maternity coaching



"Dita coached me on various business related issues. I remember Dita as extremely friendly and approachable person, showing a lot of interest in other people, pleasure to talk to.  Her personal style and qualities could also be seen in the way she coached me: very friendly, emphatic, good listener, able to challenge me in a gentle yet very effective way.  I found my coaching interactions with Dita very valuable - she made me reflect on things after our coaching sessions and this was very powerful.  I always looked forward to seeing Dita again as she was not only an effective coach but an extremely nice person."

Iwona Smith, PwC Poland | Managing Tax Partner

"I found Dita´s coaching style supportive but also challenging, her contained approached encouraged me to look at situations through different perspectives which helped me to feel more in control. It was pleasure to work with her."

Elizabeth Atkin, Schroder UK, Consultant

2010 - present

2010 - present