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Individual coaching

Coaching is a form of an active lifestyle and topics of coaching discussions can be applied not only in a daily professional life, but also in our personal life and in the process of upbringing of our children. If you enter one of these routes, you will be positively influenced for a lifetime. Inside of you, you will awaken the curiosity and desire to search for and to discover - the answers to questions that are constantly presenting themselves in our life. 


Principles of coaching based on positive psychology

This type of coaching is a way of accompanying people positively on their life journeys and to happiness. Some people elect coaching as a way to bring more positivity and contentment into their lives. Others would like to find some useful tools, some psychological techniques to be able to help themselves from their current situation (for example from mild depressions or long term humpiness in life). Awakening and energy  recharging; higher flexibility; increased productivity and zest for life - those are results of a couple of sessions. Happy and content people possess better immune system. There is also correlation between happiness and success in life. Success leads to a happier life undoubtedly. What is not known, unfortunately, is that happiness and positivity lead to a success as well.

The power of personal story

I consider telling of a personal story as an important part of coaching and I always encourage my clients to start with it. We can clearly see that a client´s authentic story, further developed in accordance with his/her values and strong personality character, is a powerful base for success in the future. It does not matter whether it is in a professional or personal life. 

And what is your life story?


Coaching based on positive psychology helps if you want to

- Discover strong personality traits and talents
- Decrease your stress level and avoid "burn-out"
- Step out of stereotypes, bad mood, and want to build endurance
- Develop a feasible work-life balance
- Find a new direction in life
- Build a positive outlook and want to enjoy life
- Feel happier
- Discover purpose of life
- Increase self-confidence
- Find answers while standing on a crossroads in your professional or personal life

- Want to grow and develop

Offer for individuals

These methods of coaching are unique

- Coaching based on positive psychology
- Coaching based on narrating of a personal story ("Grow by story")

The price for coaching sessions is related to the length of contract and other agreed conditions.

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