Are you heading for a maternity leave or returning back  to work after it or after a career break and feel unsure?

As a mother of two I know from my own experience how maternity leave can affect women´s careers and their self-confidence. Aside from the obvious beautiful family and personal enrichment, however, we can find numerous professional positives in the concept of a maternity leave as well.

Would you like to discover them?

As an human resource professional and right hand of managers I can tell how employers think about mothers. I know what their demands and expectations are. I coach executive managers, but also mums, with a goal to bring an effective change into thinking of both sides, and to create a mutual win-win situation. 

Do you have demands on your employer but are afraid to communicate them?

Are you feeling exhausted and stressed because you want to be perfect in all your roles, at home and at work? Would you like to recharge batteries? Wondering, how to reach perfect work-life balance, how to increase your self-confidence?​ How to improve negotiation skills to be able to get the best possible conditions at work? Do you know why it is important to keep in touch with your professional life during a career break?


Motherhood is a natural period in life. Today, employ-ment of returning mothers and flexible working arrangements are a norm in western Europe. However, we can still find some forms of bias, resulting in various forms of discrimination. Creative employers can find many ways how to make it work. For employers that want to obtain some insights on current trends abroad and which are in need of help with launching such programs, we offer solutions.

Coaching for mums and modern companies that are interested in their employment, along with consulting in the area of flexible employment forms.

Coaching +

My offer

For individual clients there is a program based on the positive psychology coaching

- Coaching – my next period of motherhood
- Workshops:  Self-development - way  to feel happier

For companies

- Consulting in the area of flexible working arrangements (based on a long term research of trends and systems abroad)
- Team workshops for HR p
rofessionals in the area of flexible working arrangements and coaching basics of (not only) mothers after maternity leave (how to coach line managers who work with mothers  and generally with people who ask for flexible arrangements)
- Team coaching of mothers that leave for / come back from maternity leave, for modern companies that are interested in employment of mothers after career breaks and that support them through offers of flexible working arrangements.

I also offer mediation to both sides and framework for an open exchange of demands and communication.

​How can both parties - employers and mothers - profit from this? Mothers will be happier at work and home and feel fulfilled. Employers will find that working mothers are on average more productive and loyal. Furthermore, they typically will further grow and develop themselves through coaching.

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Dita Sudova

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