Dita Sudova

What is coaching?​

Coaching is an effective way of personal development when clients and their coaches create an alliance with the goal of enabling the clients to grow and to provide them with an opportunity to fully develop their potential. This relationship helps the clients on their way to become a person they desire to be, to fulfil their dreams, reach their targets and discover their inner selves, their values and develop an ability to live with these in harmony.

Coaching is not only a professional assistance

Everyone has some sort of plans, or dreams, but only a few of us are brave enough to push through with their realization. And even those who are able to move on can find in certain periods of their life that they are on a crossroads and simply searching for the right direction where to head next. It seems that most of us come to this point at least once in our lives. Sometimes it so happens that even when we are successful in our life and are fulfilling our dreams, the expected feeling of satisfaction is not there and we feel strange emptiness inside. And we do not know what to do in such a situation. Life and its periods should always have some purpose. It might be we will need to search for it for a long time, but we long to find it. The way that leads to the fulfilling of our dreams is important because it's on this way, en route, that we learn a lot. It will give us a much more sense if we stay during this journey with our values.

Coaching is such a journey at the end of this journey is realization and transformation.


​What is the basic idea of coaching?

A coach helps her clients to search for and discover answers to their questions. The journey should always be adventurous and inspiring. Everyone differs, everyone searches for something different. Each coaching session is unique. A professional coach is able to help her clients to discover  their inner selves. A happy life with sense of purpose is then the next chapter, only without the coach.

Coaching operates with individuals, but also with organisations and other systems. In a company environment it is called an executive coaching (in this setting a coach works typically with managers and helps them to realize their full potential). Both sides - client-manager and client-organization - profit out of it in the end. If we want to move forward with a whole team within the organization, we work on the basis of team coaching. Also, coaching should have a higher purpose and goal as well. It should be able to move whole system – society - to a higher social responsibility.



​How does a typical coaching session look like?

​The best way how to find how this powerful tool works is to see for yourself. During my initial session, which is free of charge, I show a demonstration of how I work. It is essential that a coach and client are the right fit and chemistry works. I show my style of work, demonstrate the way I ask questions. Each coaching session is essentially an exploratory discussion, aimed at understanding issues at hand more deeply, uncovering gradually deeper and deeper layers of facts.

Coaching can be done as 1-2-1 session, also through phone or skype. The contract is usually established for a longer period, 6-8 sessions, coaching session lasts approximately 90 minutes. The break between each session is around 3-4 weeks. The coaching sessions differ according to the clients, their needs and subjects.


Coaching is NOT...

Coaching differs dramatically from psychological counselling. As opposed to coaching, counselling focuses on working with a problem and the past, a counsellor usually goes with a client into the past, trying to solve the problem where it appeared with all the consequences.

Coaching, on the opposite, focuses on work with client´s potential in the present and looks into the future, discusses potential  interferences and obstructions which block the way to a solution.  There is no fixation on the problem - instead on a positive solution, possibilities and change in behaviour. If, as a coach, I find, that my client needs to see a psychological counsellor first and work with the problem, I send him there. Only after that I start working with him/her and establish cooperation.

If you still hesitate and do not know what you need – counselling or coaching – here's a simple hint: if you have set up goals and want to accomplish them, but do not want to dwell on the past, you are in the right place, start coaching.